How to install

Step1: Visit Google Play in install the app.

Step2: Start the app and tap “Create a new wallet”.

Step 3: Write down you wallet recovery backup/seed words on a piece of paper and store them in a secure place. In case you loose your phone, it gets stolen, brakes down or any other undesired event occurs and you dont have these backup seed words, you will not be able te regain access to your cryptocurrenies.

Step 4: Tap “I have safely stores my recovery phrase and tap “Next”. Confirm your backup phrase/seedwords/backup.
If you are confident you have writen down the words correctly you can skip this step, but we recommend you verify anyway.
Order and spelling of words are essentiall. Even one wrong letter in a word or word sequence has the same effect as if not having a backup. Read the words letter by letter and write them down. 

Step5: Wallet PIN/password. Choose your own personalized password/PIN. The wallet will be encrypted and you will need this PIN/password when sending coins or in case you need to access the recovery phraze/seed words later.
PIN/Password also protects your wallet funds in case your mobile gets stolen.

6. Your wallet is ready. Tap on the cryptocurrency you wish to manage.
Recieve – transactions – sent – options. v1.1 released and published on Google Play is an electrum server based light wallet for android mobile devices.